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What to do before calling Westminster plumber in case of a gas leaks

Gas leaks are a very serious case in the plumbing profession as it can cause instant death if not handled properly unlike other plumbing problems. The number one sign that your house has a gas leak is the smell of rotten eggs, which can be very pungent, once you notice this be very weary as a simple mistake can make your house explode. Before calling the Westminster plumber you need to, first of all, take precautions, these are:

Avoid turning on electrical switches

Once you have discovered that there is a gas leak in your house. You need not even switch on or off the electrical appliances as a simple spark can ignite the gas and thus lead to great damage of your home and also endanger your life. You need therefore to stand up and walk away from the building that is experiencing the gas leak. Your well-being should come first above all things. In addition, you need not light any matches or fire as it may cause an explosion.

Move to a safe distance and call the Westminster plumber

The gas leak is no mean feat, it endangers your own life and that of your family and in addition, has a capability of turning your properties into as within a blink of an eye. Therefore, once you have noted that your house is experiencing a gas leak you need to move out of the building without using any electrical appliance even the phone. Once you are in a safe distance you can then call the Westminster plumber who will come and rescue the situation as he or she is the expert in this and knows how to solve the problem. Never panic in case of a gas leak.

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